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Narendra Modi makes a victory sign as his vehicle makes its way across the city on his way to BJP headquartes in Varanasi after he addressed a rally on 8 May 2014. Photo: Hindustan Times<br />

The battle for Ganga arti

3 min read . 09 May 2014
Narendra Modi’s campaign began with a larger developmental narrative, acquired a saffron hue from his speeches in West Bengal and in Ayodhya in May, came down to the brasstacks of caste identity on Tuesday at a rally in Domariyaganj. Photo: Mint<br />

Narendra Modi’s new poll avatars

4 min read . 08 May 2014
With Lok Sabha polls coinciding with Urs festival at Ajmer dargah, leading politicians including Sonia Gandhi and Rajnath Singh have sought blessings from the shrine for their victories. Photo: AFP<br />

Leaders seek divine blessings

3 min read . 06 May 2014
Playing the communal card is a cynical ploy which will not realize too many electoral gains, but risks seriously scarring the social fabric of this country, writes ‘Mint’s’ Anil Padmanabhan. Photo: AFP<br />

Regional parties and communal cards

4 min read . 28 Apr 2014
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