Employment data

Mismatch between data sets from within the government breeds scepticism regarding the statistical robustness of national accounting. Photo: iStock

The republic of statistical scramble

4 min read . 23 Aug 2017
Photo: Bloomberg

India’s jobs challenge

1 min read . 23 Jul 2017
The political rhetoric is restricting the contours of the employment debate. Photo: AP

The jobs debate conundrum

3 min read . 17 Jul 2017
India is at the nightmare scenario of 50% of the labour force generating 11% of GDP. Photo: Bloomberg

Employment 4.0: bug, not feature

4 min read . 17 Jul 2017
The employment data suggests that India has underestimated the number of jobs in the formal sector. Photo: AP

India’s employment data problem

1 min read . 11 Jul 2017
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