Esther duflo

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The economics of marriage

5 min read . 20 Aug 2016
Abhijit Banerjee (left) and Esther Duflo. Photo: The Boston Globe/Getty Images<br />

The experimental turn in economics

12 min read . 30 Jan 2016
<br />The divide: Economists have explained why female labour participation rates are low in India, compared to other Asian countries. Photo: Kalpak Pathak/Hindustan Times<br />
<br />Developing insight: Banerjee and Duflo suggest small interventions rather than grand solutions to help the poor. Courtesy Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab<br />

What really drives the poor

9 min read . 24 Jun 2011
The Microfinance Mess

The Microfinance Mess

4 min read . 26 Oct 2010