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Runners at this year’s Airtel Delhi Half Marathon. Photo: Hindustan Times

A guide to runner etiquette

2 min read . 11 Dec 2017
The clichés are tiring but divorce etiquette and digital manners are a crucial part of our contemporary dilemmas. Photo: Hindustan Times<br />

To CC or not to BCC

3 min read . 07 Nov 2014
Joanne Milner spoke about how luxury brands can benefit from investing in enhancing employee etiquette and social skills. Photo: Sameer Joshi/Mint<br />

People buy people, not products

1 min read . 01 Nov 2014
Strike out: (from left) British Prime Minister David Cameron, Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt and US President Barack Obama pose for a selfie, sitting next to US First Lady Michelle Obama, during the memorial service for South Africa’s former president, Nelson Mandela, on 10 December. Photo: Roberto Schmidt/AFP<br />

In the matter of manners

3 min read . 13 Apr 2014
<br /><br />

Email etiquette

1 min read . 05 Mar 2013
Don’t exclude those who made the comment.<br />

Small-talk fix for stinging salvos

3 min read . 07 Oct 2012
<br />No handshake: The Japanese greet with a slight bow of the head. <br />
<br />Cruel intentions: Teach your child to know when teasing goes too far. Photo: Thinkstock<br />

A very fine line

5 min read . 22 Jun 2012
<br />Key: Golfers must show consideration to those on the course<br />

Follow golf etiquette

3 min read . 06 Jun 2012
<br />To the manner born:Cultural quotient is key, says Mehra.<br />

When you have to live by the code

4 min read . 01 Apr 2012
<br />Good etiquette: Smile, as it can be heard in your voice.<br />

Ten rules to follow at workplace

3 min read . 26 Feb 2012
<br /><br />

Being socially sensible

5 min read . 18 Dec 2011
<br />Talking to your phone? be annoying for those around you.<br />

Just more noise?

3 min read . 11 Dec 2011
<br />No sneak peeks: Online etiquette demands that you keep your eyes off other people’s screens. Illustration by Raajan/Mint<br />

While online, thou shalt not...

4 min read . 21 Jun 2011
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