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Your Questions Answered: How is the Nifty 500 Index different from Nifty 50? Please elaborate

The Nifty 500 Index on the NSE represents top 500 companies across sectors, offering broad market reflection with large, mid, and small-cap segments.

6 min read01:55 PM IST

Demat Account: What is Basic Services Demat Account and what are its features?

BSDA is a special category of demat account exclusively available for individual investors. This account type is specifically designed for small investors who engage less frequently in stock market activities.

3 min read22 Apr 2024

Demat account: What is leverage trading and how does it work? MintGenie explains

Trading and investing through demat accounts involve distinct strategies. Margin trading empowers investors to control larger market positions with borrowed funds, amplifying both gains and losses. Derivative trading with leverage can lead to higher returns but also carries significant risks.

5 min read22 Apr 2024

CIBIL: 4 ways in which credit score affects your rental applications

Landlords may ask the tenants with low credit score to pay a higher security deposit or impose stricter lease terms. They perceive a higher risk of late payments or default on rent payments from individuals with lower credit scores.

2 min read19 Apr 2024

Demat Account: Benefits of handling mutual fund investments through demat

Demat accounts streamline mutual fund investments by offering convenience and accessibility.

4 min read17 Apr 2024

Avoiding TDS: What are 15G/15H forms? Who needs them and why?

15G is a mandatory form and EPF subscribers must fill them to avoid paying the TDS if they are withdrawing over ₹50,000. FD depositors are also meant to fill this form to avoid paying TDS when their interest income is less than ₹40,000

2 min read17 Apr 2024

Demat Account: What are the investment limits? Find out here

Demat accounts help investors to buy and sell a wide range of securities, including stocks, mutual funds, bonds, and derivatives, conveniently through online trading platforms.

3 min read17 Apr 2024

Demat Accounts: What is a Unique Client Code and why does it matter?

The Unique Client Code serves as a vital identification number assigned to clients by brokers, a mandate set by regulatory authorities. To uphold client privacy, brokers issue each client a distinct alphanumeric UCC

3 min read16 Apr 2024

Defaulted on a personal loan? You may have to face these consequences

Failing to repay a personal loan can result in a series of adverse outcomes, impacting both your financial situation and creditworthiness.

4 min read15 Apr 2024

Personal loans vs payday loans: What is the difference between the two? MintGenie explains

Payday loans can be risky for several reasons, and it’s crucial to understand these risks before contemplating one.

4 min read13 Apr 2024
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