‘It’s hard to imagine any other Russian leader posing shirtless with a wriggling fish,’ Albright says. Photo: Reuters

Is your leader a fascist?

4 min read . 25 May 2018
Photo: AFP

Karl Marx and the spectre of fascism

3 min read . 07 May 2018
“Many political words are… Abused,” wrote George Orwell in his famous essay Politics And The English Language. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The problem with labels

4 min read . 21 Jul 2017
At 1a.m. on 13 August, 1961, East Germany sealed off the border between the Soviet-controlled eastern sector of Berlin and the western sectors controlled by the Allies. Photo: AFP<br />
Photo: HT<br />

Disregarding fascism

9 min read . 21 Apr 2014
Hemant Mishra/Mint<br />

Is India about to turn fascist?

4 min read . 14 Apr 2014