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Compare your bank FD rates

Before choosing a fixed deposit, it’s important to compare the interest rates on offer.

1 min read5 Mar 2024

Top 5 banks offer highest interest rate on fixed deposits to senior citizens

Those who want to earn marginally higher interest rates on their fixed deposits, at times, lock them in the name of their old parents since banks offer generally 50 basis points higher interest rate to senior citizens.

2 min read2 Feb 2024

Federal Bank hikes fixed deposit interest rates for both residents and non-residents; check latest rates here

Federal Bank has adjusted its deposit rates, raising rates for both resident and non-resident deposits.

1 min read7 Dec 2023

Compare your bank FD rates

Before choosing an FD, you should compare the interest rates on offer

1 min read15 Nov 2023

Over 9% fixed deposit interest rates for senior citizens: Check these 7 small finance banks

A few small finance banks are luring both new and old customers by offering more than 9% interest rate on their fixed deposits, thus, helping them amass considerable returns for the future.

5 min read9 Nov 2023

Which banks are giving the highest fixed deposit (FD) interest rates? Check here

Best FD rates: Small finance banks offer the highest interest on fixed deposits, with DCB Bank and Punjab & Sind Bank offering the best rates among private and public sector banks respectively

2 min read3 Nov 2023

Top 5 banks offer highest fixed deposit interest rates for these tenures. Details here

Most top public and private lenders have been offering interest rates in the range of 7-8 percent per annum. Senior citizens are entitled to receive an extra 50 basis points over and above of the prevailing interest rate

2 min read25 Oct 2023

From ICICI to HDFC Bank, check latest FD interest rates of India’s top private banks

In the June 2023 policy, the central bank followed a similar move in its April review, which came after raising the key lending rate by 250 basis points (bps) in six installments starting from May 2022.

2 min read10 Jun 2023

How does ₹2,000 note withdrawal impact your bank FD rates? This is what experts say

Bank FD interest rate: The withdrawal of ₹2000 notes from circulation by the RBI may increase liquidity of banks, leading to lower deposit rates

2 min read3 Jun 2023

FD interest rate: This bank is giving up to 9% return on fixed deposits. Check details

Fixed deposit interest rate: This bank is offering general FD for three tenors — 181 to 201 days, 501 days and 1001 days

1 min read18 Mar 2023
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