Female literacy

One out of every five women between 15 and 19 years of age is married. And 30% of the married ones have children. Photo: iStockphoto<br />

Young wives, young mothers

1 min read . 18 Mar 2015
While the Union government officially abandoned targets for family planning in 1996, local authorities still offer cash incentives to women who undergo sterilization. Photo: AFP<br />

India’s birth rate shrinks: study

1 min read . 23 Dec 2014
Dokra is made by lost-wax casting<br />
<br />Ahmed Raza Khan/Mint<br />

Uttar Pradesh: the end of status quo

4 min read . 05 Mar 2012
<br />Survivor instinct: Raj Rani at the Panjab University grounds in Chandigarh. Photo by Priyanka Parashar.<br />

A true survivor

5 min read . 02 Mar 2012
<br />Road less travelled: Khatoon Bano is one of the few girls in Nai Nangla to have studied beyond class V. Photo by Priyanka Parashar<br />

Dream girls

17 min read . 05 Mar 2012
A new India in census data

A new India in census data

2 min read . 04 Apr 2011