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Kerala serious fraud probe has ’broad scope’

The investigation into the affairs of two private firms and a state public sector enterprise is likely to get bigger

2 min read18 Feb 2024

India’s Food-Security Problem Is the World’s, Too

India’s tightly controlled agricultural market has left food production highly vulnerable to climate change. That’s a global problem: India is a major food exporter.

2 min read2 Jan 2024

A Quick, Healthy Meal Does Exist

Lean into canned foods, embrace frozen veggies and make breakfast for dinner

4 min read15 Jun 2023

El Niño events show a weakening effect on food output and prices

Data analysis reveals India’s declining vulnerability and our safety net seems strong enough for this year’s anticipated event.

4 min read20 Apr 2023

AIIMS Delhi starts Millet Canteen from today: Here’s why India is promoting this ’super food’

The ‘International Year of Millets’ highlights millets as a key component of the food basket.

2 min read1 Mar 2023

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