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More than a century- and-a-half after Gandhi’s birth, his ideas still find resonance in entrepreneurship rooted in Bharat (PTI)

50 startups with ideas of Gandhi

1 min read . 02 Oct 2020
Gaurang Shah’s reinterpretation of Raja Ravi Varma’s lithographs in Khadi (Photo Courtesy Artists/Abheraj Baldota Foundation)

Spinning a Gandhian yarn

2 min read . 04 Oct 2019
The South Asian Symphony Orchestra rehearsing in Bengaluru ahead of the ‘Peace Notes’ concert; and Nirupama Rao. (Photo: Nirupama Rao)

‘Music is a great enabler’

2 min read . 04 Oct 2019
Cleanliness was just one among many Gandhian ideals, and arguably one of the least significant ones in the context of the times he lived in ( Photo: Mint)

Opinion | Don’t be a spitfire!

1 min read . 02 Oct 2019
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