Meera Mukherjee. All images reproduced with permission from the book

Turning the body into art

3 min read . 23 Nov 2018
A statue of Mahatma Gandhi at Manek Chowk in Porbandar’s Bhatia Bazar area. Photo: Nandan Dave/Mint

Searching for Gandhi

15 min read . 02 Oct 2018
Gandhi and Hermann Kallenbach (centre) with inhabitants of the Tolstoy Farm. Photographs courtesy Shimon Lev

Mahatma Gandhi’s Jewish soulmate

6 min read . 27 Jan 2018
Neeru Kumar at Tulsi, Santushti shopping complex, New Delhi. Photographs by Pradeep Gaur/ Mint<br />

The Gandhi school of dressing

4 min read . 26 Jul 2014
Jayaraman spins Khadi for his clothes, which he wears to work as well as for running. Photo: Aniruddha Chowdhury/Mint<br />

Beliefs | The barefoot runner

3 min read . 12 Sep 2013
Leading a land crusade in Gujarat

Leading a land crusade in Gujarat

8 min read . 17 Mar 2011
Contours of social business

Contours of social business

4 min read . 31 Aug 2010
Contours of social business

Contours of social business

4 min read . 15 Aug 2010
<br />Utilatarian: (from top to bottom) Rajeev Gupta is fascinated with Mahatma Gandhi and the charkha reminds him of Gandhi’s ideas, from the very basic to the very big; this silver coin was given to him b<br />

The professional craftsman

4 min read . 25 Jul 2010
<br />Symbol of self-reliance: Mahatma Gandhi working on a (spinning wheel). In 1924, Gandhi had said: ‘What I object to is the craze for machinery, not machinery as such.’ Dinodia<br />

A century of Gandhian economics

5 min read . 01 Oct 2009
<br />Art by Vasudha Thozhur. An untitled work of mixed media on canvas, Thozhur’s work evokes the monkey, common on the rooftops of Gujarat. Playing into the image of the three monkeys, the work suggests t<br />

Lost lessons

5 min read . 29 Jan 2009
Baba Amte laid to rest

Baba Amte laid to rest

1 min read . 10 Feb 2008
Emulating the Ambanis

Emulating the Ambanis

3 min read . 31 Oct 2007
<br /><br />

Finding his funny bone

4 min read . 18 Aug 2007
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