Contemporary bilateral and plurilateral trade agreements are mostly not about trade at all, but about a whole host of non-trade-related issues which are cunningly called trade-related. Photo: Bloomberg

A geometry of international trade

4 min read . 18 Dec 2017
Geometry Global is an Indian unit of advertising and media firm WPP Plc.<br />

Geometry Global partners Encompass

1 min read . 08 Oct 2015
Alyssa Pheobus Mumtaz with her works<br />

The art of repetition

3 min read . 01 Mar 2014
If you join the midpoints of two sides of a triangle, that line is parallel to and half the length of the third side of a triangle. What does that do for us? Photo: ThinkStock<br />

Bringing geometry to life

4 min read . 10 Oct 2013
An idiom that is interesting both in its literal sense and figurative sense is “squaring the circle”. This is a task in geometry that aims at constructing a square that has the same area as a given circle. Photo: ThinkStock<br />

Words made from geometry

3 min read . 06 May 2013
Manish Nai. Photo: Manoj Patil<br />

Manish Nai | Geometry in jute

3 min read . 27 Apr 2013
Picks | The bookkeepers

Picks | The bookkeepers

1 min read . 09 Dec 2011
Man made

Man made

3 min read . 30 Aug 2008
<br />A certain ambiguity: Penguin/Viking, 281 pages, Rs450<br />

The beauty of numbers

3 min read . 16 Nov 2007