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Spare a thought for our food delivery personnel

An NCAER survey confirms the raw deal they’re saddled with. Glaringly, their real wages shrank over a three-year span after 2019. Intervene or not, only a jobs boom can sort this out.

2 min read31 Aug 2023

Indian Rupee becomes standout choice for investors with Asia focus

Indian assets are currently presenting a more promising outlook compared to their Indonesian counterparts, with the Indian rupee offering higher bond yields and relative stability due to central bank interventions.

2 min read26 Jun 2023

Startups in gig economy: Entrepreneurial challenges in free market business model

The gig economy presents unique obstacles for startups that require strategic thinking and adaptability along with financial challenges. Embracing technology to streamline operations and leveraging financial innovation to optimize cash flow is key to success.

2 min read22 Jun 2023

Alibaba’s $32 billion day signals breakups for China tech

China’s online commerce leader surprised markets by announcing Tuesday plans to split its $220 billion empire into six units that will individually raise funds and explore initial public offerings

5 min read29 Mar 2023

Gig workforce witness 5X demand growth after mass layoffs: Report

Due to its short-term contracts or temporary labour with flexibility and freedom of workculture but no job security, India’s gig economy is the sector of the workforce that is expanding at the fastest rate.

2 min read25 Feb 2023

A portable workforce for India’s new economy

The new labour codes should benefit all stakeholders by providing greater employment flexibility that is suitable to the evolving job requirements of our economy.

4 min read20 Oct 2020

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