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No surprise that India’s economy growing faster than China, says IMF APAC Director Krishna Srinivasan

Krishna Srinivasan, the Director of the IMF’s Asia and Pacific Department attributed India’s impressive growth to robust private consumption and public investment

1 min read20 Apr 2024

Centre to set up dedicated test labs in six states for Kasturi Cotton global brand push

The labs would be set up in convergence with the Bureau of Indian Standards’ (BIS) testing facilities, ensuring alignment with national quality standards.

2 min read15 Apr 2024

US-China Tensions Fragmenting Trade and Investment, IMF Finds

The global economy is showing signs of dividing between US- and China-centered blocs, though the dynamics differ from the Cold War with less overall fragmentation and a greater role for non-aligned economies, an International Monetary Fund study found.

1 min read9 Apr 2024

China Has Too Much at Stake in Industry Push to Listen to Yellen

Janet Yellen got a respectful hearing in China in recent days for her main message — that Beijing’s manufacturing drive is a threat to other economies. But the warmth of her reception likely won’t translate into the policy shifts she wants.

4 min read9 Apr 2024

New Airbnb CFO Takes Helm at Inflection Point for Travel Industry

Ellie Mertz takes over as the online property rental company looks to evolve through a mix of geographic expansion and new products.

3 min read15 Mar 2024

Japan’s Rebounding Economy Is Finally Lifting Pay—but Resentment Runs Deep

The stock market has hit a record and the final piece of Japan‘s economic recovery is falling into place. The public wants to know why it has taken so long.

5 min read15 Mar 2024

The Skyrocketing Costs Driving Cheeseburger Prices Up—And Restaurant Owners Out

Escalating payroll costs and diners’ dwindling tolerance for higher checks are putting independent restaurants in a squeeze

9 min read4 Mar 2024

Chinese Banks Overflow With Cash That Nobody Wants to Borrow

Chinese authorities are facing an uphill battle convincing companies and households to boost borrowing as long as Covid outbreaks and lockdowns continue to crush confidence.

4 min read31 May 2022

We should keep a close watch of China’s dual circulation strategy

India could well take advantage of Beijing’s plan to reorient its economy towards domestic demand and sophisticated sectors

4 min read28 Oct 2020

The new trinity that presides over our economic future

Much hinges on the US election result, vaccine availability and capital markets’ relationship with reality

4 min read25 Oct 2020
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