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HSBC Asked by $890 Billion Investor Group to Set New Energy Goal

A group of HSBC Holdings Plc investors wants the bank to set a funding target for renewable energy amid concerns its current green pledges are too vague.

2 min read3 May 2024

US, Europe Fear of China’s Dominance Threatens Climate Fight, Says Xi’s Envoy

Veteran diplomat Liu Zhenmin is leading the charge as the biggest polluter seeks to peak emissions by the end of this decade.

4 min read2 May 2024

Scientists find new hack to deal with a warming planet; Here’s how

Government scientists propose injecting ice high in the upper atmosphere to reduce water vapor, a greenhouse gas, as a potential method to counteract human-caused warming. However, the idea is still in the early stages of research and not currently implementable.

3 min read29 Feb 2024

World Environment Day: Has move towards electric cars helped us reduce dependence on fossils?

India’s domestic electric vehicle (EV) market is predicted to grow 49% between 2022 and 2030, reaching 10 million sales annually by 2030. However, the source of electricity that powers EVs must be decarbonised if they are to truly be zero-emission agents. Is that possible?

3 min read3 Jun 2023

Mapping the climate transition by identifying policy interventions

RBI’s report lays down a buffet of choices. Policymakers must now pick what is nutritious but also conforms to political taste.

6 min read31 May 2023

Green bonds and guarantees: Key tools to contain global warming

Huge sums of capital are needed for a transition and India has done well to create an enabling framework for green finance.

4 min read24 May 2023

The 1.5° danger mark is glaring at the globe now

A global heat record may be set by at least one year from 2023 to 2027, with the 1.5° Celsius red line likelier to be breached than not. We need not despair if we speed up climate action

2 min read22 May 2023

The world could soon breach its 1.5°C target for global warming

Human-driven climate change will be amplified by El Niño

3 min read18 May 2023

Hit the ball, a moment in the sun

Hitting several consecutive sixes in a cricket game - ok, even in cricket of the IPL variety - is a rare occurence.

5 min read27 Apr 2023

ITC’s best strategy: The Indian conglomerate is in no hurry to win

Tobacco giant ITC is transforming itself into a long-term sustainability platform involving hundreds of millions of farmers and consumers. The market is paying attention.

6 min read21 Apr 2023
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