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Sundar Pichai Loses Sleep Due To This Fear | 'Always Suspectible To Someone In A Garage With...'

Google CEO Sundar Pichai while talking to Standford students, revealed the one thing that always keeps him up at night. 'While people always think it's not true, you can always develop something amazing with a small team from outside, and history has shown that. Scale doesn't always give you the edge - though regulators may not agree, but running the company I know that you're always susceptible to someone in a garage with a better idea', he says. Watch a snippet of the interaction here #sundarpichai #google #artificialintelligence Want to make your money go further & work harder for you? Here are 20 Personal Finance Strategies from Mint. Check out our new coffee table book authored by Neil Borate & the Mint Money team. Download your digital copy here! Mint is an Indian financial daily newspaper published by HT Media. The Mint YT Channel brings you cutting edge analysis of the latest business news and financial news. With in-depth market coverage, explainers and expert opinions, we break down and simplify business news for you. Click here to download the Mint App

10 Apr 2024

Google unveils AI-powered Search Generative for travel planning and personalized shopping: How it works

Google's Search Generative Experience uses AI to curate travel plans and offers personalized itineraries. Users can request and export trip plans easily. Additionally, the update provides personalized shopping recommendations for apparel and accessories.

1 min read28 Mar 2024

'Woke AI like Google Gemini can even kill people,' warns Elon Musk! Here's why

Elon Musk warns against 'woke AI' focusing on forced diversity, citing Google's Gemini AI as an example. Musk expresses concerns over AI algorithms prioritizing diversity initiatives, potentially leading to dangerous outcomes.

1 min read16 Mar 2024

Can India's Indus Replace 'American' Google Play Store | Decoding The Indian App War | MINT Explains

Can India's Indus Replace 'American' Google Play Store | Decoding The Indian App War | MINT Explains #anupammittal #sharktank #kuku_tv_hindi #india #usa #china #southkorea #kolkata #korea #japan #sundarpichai #google #metaverse #amazon #netflix #shaadi #matrimony #naukri #abhinavtrivedi #narendramodi #entrepreneurship #ai #technology #tech #gamng #gaming #augmentedreality #virtualreality #apple #samsung

15 Mar 2024

Gemini AI under scrutiny: Google's chatbot raises concerns over data exposure, suggests report

Cybersecurity researchers find security flaws in Google's Gemini chatbot Advanced version, potentially exposing personal data. Google vows to address issues amid growing concerns over AI tool credibility.

1 min read15 Mar 2024

Google DeepMind introduces SIMA, an AI-based virtual gaming partner: Know what all it can do

Google's SIMA AI agent, equipped with natural language instruction and image recognition capabilities, learns and adapts gaming skills from diverse environments, partnering with game studios to enhance its capabilities.

1 min read14 Mar 2024

Google implements restrictions on Gemini AI's election responses ahead of 2024 global polls: Here's why

Google restricts AI chatbot Gemini from answering questions about global elections, including the U.S. presidential match-up between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, directing users to use Google Search instead to ensure responsible AI use.

1 min read13 Mar 2024

Former Google engineer charged with AI theft and alleged collaboration with Chinese firms

Chinese national Linwei Ding was apprehended in Newark, California, and faces four counts of federal trade secret theft. Each count carries a potential sentence of up to 10 years in prison.

2 min read7 Mar 2024

IT Minister for State responds to Google's apology over Gemini's controversial remarks on PM Modi: Here's what he said

The Google Gemini AI platform controversy in India intensifies as Union Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar expresses dissatisfaction with Google's apology. The government seeks accountability for biased responses, emphasizing the need for strict regulations in AI deployment.

1 min read4 Mar 2024

Google issues apology to India over AI controversy; Gemini's reliability questioned: Report

Google faces backlash over AI platform Gemini in India, issues apology to Prime Minister Modi. Government seeks clarification on platform's unreliability. Controversy escalates with allegations of racial bias and historical inaccuracies, leading to calls for CEO Sundar Pichai's resignation.

1 min read4 Mar 2024
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