Google maps

A 10km commute in Mumbai takes 37 minutes on average (Photo: Bloomberg)

The slowest roads in urban India

3 min read . 08 Sep 2019
In a world where the web seems like a privacy nightmare, Google’s announcement marks a major shift in its relationship with users (Reuters)

Big leap for privacy

1 min read . 02 May 2019
The more we use the Internet, the greater is our reliance on it.

Put your knowledge to the test

3 min read . 20 Feb 2018
We are not just facing data security and privacy issues caused by the mass digitalization of our ordinary lives, we are also facing physical danger and lifestyle degradation in areas we would never had imagined that technology would affect negatively. Photo: HT/File

Of Map Apps and Traffic Jams

5 min read . 05 Feb 2018