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Government to borrow ₹4.34 trillion in H2 as planned in May

Of the estimated ₹12 trillion borrowing for the full year, the government has already borrowed ₹7.66 lakh crores, which accounts for 63.8% of the target. With the economy opening up from June, there has been an improvement in revenue

1 min read30 Sep 2020

Yield on 10-year bond settles higher on increased government borrowing

The 10-year bond yield rose 20 basis points, the biggest jump since 8 February, 2017, to close at 6.167% on MondayBrokerage firm Nomura Research estimates India’s budget deficit will widen to 7% of GDP versus the 3.5% target

2 min read11 May 2020

10-yr bond yield jumps 26 bps on government’s borrowing plan

The Centre said it will borrow ₹12 trillion in the current fiscal, 54% more than budgetedNomura Research estimates India’s budget deficit will widen to 7% of gross domestic product versus the 3.5% target

2 min read11 May 2020

India bond yields fall 10 bps as government sticks to borrowing numbers

The yield on the 10-year government bond was at 6.503% compared with the previous close of 6.601%The Centre retained gross market borrowing at 7.1 trln rupees for 2019-20. For next year, gross market borrowing has been estimated at ₹7.81 trillion - in line with expectations

2 min read3 Feb 2020

Market borrowings touch 57% of Budget estimates in June

The government’s market borrowings have touched ₹2.54 trillion, as of June 2019The budgeted market borrowing is ₹4.48 trillion for the fiscal

1 min read18 Aug 2019

Why a central bank’s autonomy matters

The authors conclude that lack of monetary independence increases vulnerability to a rollover crisis and argue that this is what happened in Spain a few years ago

1 min read13 Dec 2018

Govt set to announce lower borrowing programme next week

Bond market borrowing programme for October to March likely to be lower than expected

1 min read21 Sep 2018

Explained: What happened during the 2008 Lehman crisis

Thanks to easy money sloshing about globally, the financial and trading system will keep throwing up other asset bubbles

8 min read13 Sep 2018

RBI monetary policy wears a party hat for bonds and banks

RBI’s inflation forecast cuts have fired up the bond market that was already pleased with a lighter supply load

2 min read6 Apr 2018

RBI monetary policy sends positive signals for bond markets

A dovish RBI monetary policy, on top of a favourable government borrowing programme and MTM relief for banks, should trigger the bulls in the bond market in the coming months

3 min read6 Apr 2018
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