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JPMorgan to include India in its emerging market debt index, paving the way for billions in inflows

JPMorgan is set to include India in its emerging market debt index, potentially leading to significant inflows into the country's economy.

2 min read22 Sep 2023

LIC clocks record share sales in Q1

Highest gains in first quarter of any fiscal year; insurer sells shares in at least 87 leading Indian companies

3 min read28 Jul 2023

Your Questions Answered: How to invest in government securities through RBI Direct Retail scheme?

RBI Retail Direct allows retail investors to directly buy and sell G-Secs online, with competitive pricing, transparent market information, no fees or commissions and direct interest and maturity proceeds through a GSA.

3 min read30 Jun 2023

Why India's bond yields crashed after RBI pauses rate hike? 10-year treasury may hit 7.4% in near term

The market was divided going into the policy with the swaps market pricing in a 50% probability of a pause. The yield curve has steepened marginally with the 5yr G-sec yield down by 10-11bps and the 10 yr yield down by 6-7 bps.

5 min read7 Apr 2023

What to expect from the MPC meet

The monetary policy committee (MPC), which is responsible for fixing the benchmark interest rate in India, is currently meeting. What are the odds the committee would further hike key policy rates? Mint explains the options and their implications

2 min read6 Apr 2023

Amid global banking turmoil, Govt seeks data on state-bank bond portfolios: Report

The bankers did not want to be named as they are not authorised to speak to the media. The Ministry of Finance did not respond to a Reuters email seeking comment

2 min read23 Mar 2023
Mutual Funds

Invesco Mutual Fund launches two new target maturity index funds

Invesco Mutual Fund target maturity index funds will invest 95% -100% of its net assets in Government securities

2 min read16 Mar 2023

SVB crisis: Amid all ‘gloom and doom’ in global banks, Indian banks stand out, says Macquarie

SVB crisis: Financial companies in India outperformed regional peers Monday as Jefferies Financial Group Inc. echoed Macquarie’s outlook

1 min read13 Mar 2023

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