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Sat Mar 02 2024 12:29:56
  1. Tata Steel share price
  2. 155.30 3.53%
  1. HDFC Bank share price
  2. 1,430.50 -0.05%
  1. State Bank Of India share price
  2. 773.40 0.53%
  1. ICICI Bank share price
  2. 1,084.60 -0.21%
  1. Axis Bank share price
  2. 1,095.00 -0.40%
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GPT-4 is the latest generation language model from Microsoft-backed startup OpenAI. The language model promises to be much more reliable, accurate, and creative than its predecessor, GPT-3.5. GPT-4 also possesses multimodal capabilities, meaning it can take input in images as well as text, opening up a whole range of possibilities.OpenAI also claims that GPT-4 has scored in the top 10 percent of various professional exams in the US. Stay up to date with the latest news, opinions, and videos about GPT-4 here.
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