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UKG to digitise Great Places to Work certification, will launch new platform

UKG's Chief Belonging Officer, Brian Reaves has confirmed to Live Mint in an exclusive interview that the human capital management firm is in the process of digitising the process of providing Great Places to Work certification to firmsReaves feels in order to truly understand how to make an employee feel belonged and not just included, a technology-enabled Life-Work philosophy needs to be adopted by every organisation.

9 min read5 Sep 2022

The best workplaces to work bank upon the best talent

'Mint' reached out to the HR heads of the best workplaces in the financial industry to understand their hiring and retention policies and what makes them an attractive employment choice

22 min read2 Apr 2018

How employees choose their employers

Career opportunities and pride in the organization are the top factors behind employees' willingness to stay with a company for a long time

7 min read2 Apr 2018

Spicer India: helping drive the country’s vehicles

The Pune-based Spicer India manufactures drive shafts, gears and axles for industrial machinery, and commercial and off-road vehicles

1 min read22 Jan 2018

Apollo Tyres: exporting to more than 100 countries

In fiscal year 2017 the company reported a net profit of Rs1,100 crore when compared to Rs1,120 crore in FY16

1 min read22 Jan 2018

Empowerment and early responsibility our core principles: Marico

Marico, one of the top 10 workplaces according to Great Place to Work Institute, focuses on systems to address career development and gender parity at all levels

3 min read22 Jan 2018

At Marico, will is more prized than skill

Marico, one of the top 10 workplaces according to Great Places to Work Institute, obsesses over 'empowerment' and 'early responsibility'.

2 min read22 Jan 2018

Enjoyable workplace spurs innovation, productivity: Mahindra Auto

Rajeshwar Tripathi, head of HR at Mahindra Auto, which is one of the top 10 workplaces according to Great Place to Work Institute, speaks about the firm's people policy

2 min read22 Jan 2018

Mahindra Auto: Taking a holistic approach to enhance skills, capabilities

Aiding skill and competence development is a safety, occupational health and environment policy, says Mahindra Auto

2 min read22 Jan 2018

Leadership communication, interaction are key at JK Lakshmi Cement

At JK Lakshmi Cement, people are our driving force, says the company mentions in its annual report.

1 min read22 Jan 2018
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