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Chart beat: Indian IT firms’ exposure to H-1B visas at a multi-year low

The drop in IT workers with H-1B visas is due to increased hiring in the US by Indian IT companies and the trend of increased offshoring.

1 min read19 Apr 2024

H-1B visa deadline for FY25 approaching, registrations to close this week

During this period, prospective petitioners and legal representatives must electronically register for the selection process and pay the associated registration fee for each beneficiary

2 min read19 Mar 2024

H1B visa: Confused about US work visa rule changes? Fee hike to lottery application, 5 things to know

USCIS has implemented changes to the H-1B visa programme to enhance integrity and reduce fraud.

2 min read3 Feb 2024

H1B visa: USCIS to start online filing for work visas next month; tweaks rules to ease process. 3 things to know

The United States will start online filing of H-1B applications for FY25 in February, with the introduction of organizational accounts for collaboration and submission.

1 min read13 Jan 2024

Foreigners with H-1B visas including Indians don’t need to leave the US for visa renewal - here’s why

US visa reforms: The White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affair has cleared the review of H-1B pilot program.

1 min read19 Dec 2023

H1B visa selection process to see major changes soon: ‘Will increase chances for…’

Biden administration proposes changes to H1B program to provide relief to US visa applicants.

1 min read21 Oct 2023

H-1B visa denied! Why 70 Indian nationals are suing the US govt?

Around 70 Indian nationals are suing the US government for denying them H-1B visas due to alleged fraud by their own employees.

1 min read14 Aug 2023

H1B visa: US completes second round lottery; successful candidates informed. All you need to know

US completes second round of H-1B visa lottery selection, notifying successful candidates.

1 min read3 Aug 2023

Canada Visa: Portal to apply for work permit for H-1B visa holders closed in just one day. Here’s why

The Canadian government’s decision to allow 10,000 H-1B visa holders in the US to come and work in the country is expected to benefit Indian professionals.

2 min read21 Jul 2023

Indians Can Now Renew US Work Visas Without Travelling Back Home | Details

100s of Indian professionals broke into Modi Modi chants as the PM, told them in Washington that Indian professionals working in the U.S. now will not be required to fly back to India for H1-B visa renewal. Now an extension can be sought, applied for, and processed while remaining in the U.SCurrently, however, this initiative is presently being considered only as a pilot programme. But in the coming years, it is likely this will be expanded to cover all even the L-category visas.

26 Jun 2023
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