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Heat relief: Let street vendors and labourers guide action plans

A survey in Delhi has revealed how badly they suffered under this summer’s heatwaves, with the city’s Heat Action Plan offering little help. As they are the most vulnerable, their inputs are a must for us to mitigate the increasing distress caused by climate change.

4 min read5 Jul 2024

Simple steps to stop people dying from heatwaves

As much of the world roasts, don’t despair

3 min read28 Jun 2024

Mint Primer: Ever seen the rain? The price of a truant monsoon

Till 25 June, the rainfall deficit was 19% of the long-period average (LPA). As per the Met office, 21 out of 36 states and Union territories have seen subnormal rains.

2 min read26 Jun 2024

More than 30 GW of generation capacity out of commission as power demand soars

According to data from the Grid Controller of India, there has been a ‘generation outage’ of more than 30 GW on all but two days since May 18.The delayed monsoon is partly to blame, as many plants have been unable to conduct scheduled maintenance amid elevated demand.

2 min read21 Jun 2024

Heatwave alert! From Prayagraj to Gurugram. Top 10 hottest cities in India right now

Heatwave Update: An intense heatwave persists in northwest India, with temperatures exceeding the normal range. The Met forecasts stable temperatures for the next 24 hours before a slight decrease. We take a look at the top 10 hottest cities:

2 min read18 Jun 2024

Heatwave: 56 heat-related deaths, 25,000 heatstroke cases reported in India from March to May

May was the worst month, with 46 fatalities reported due to heat-related causes, as per Reuters. In some good news, relief from the heat is expected soon as the monsoons have arrived early in Kerala.

2 min read3 Jun 2024

Mint Primer | Into the 50s: Why heatwaves are hotter & longer

For most of April, India saw heatwave or ‘severe heatwave’ conditions, and it’s continuing in May as well. Central, North and Peninsular India has borne the brunt of it

2 min read30 May 2024
Auto News

Dealers wilt as car buyers shun heat

Heatwave impacts car sales in India with dwindling footfall and delayed purchases. Dealers increase discounts and offer home test drives to attract buyers. Inventory stress expected in June as demand declines.

5 min read29 May 2024

Mint Primer | Power crisis: Are we in for another sizzling summer?

Every year, India sees a lot of power cuts during the peak summer season. Will this year be any different?

2 min read24 May 2024

Heatwave takes a toll, ailments shoot up

There has been a notable increase in patients reporting gastrointestinal disorders, respiratory illnesses, heat stroke, and heat cramps.

2 min read14 May 2024
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