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Govt moots quarterly performance appraisal of top educational institutions

At a time when campus protests are common, the move will push institutes to have cordial relation with students

2 min read18 Oct 2018

62 higher educational institutions granted full autonomy: Prakash Javadekar

HRD minister Prakash Javadekar says the UGC has granted full autonomy to 62 higher educational institutions, including 5 central and 21 state universities, which maintained high standards

1 min read21 Mar 2018

Govt starts new system, appoints assistant professors on contract

The system of appointing assistant professors on contract has three key characteristicsa quick job creation, a shorter selection process and a limited period of employment guarantee

2 min read1 Feb 2018

UGC invites applications from institutes seeking ‘eminence’ tag

UGC announced the initiation of the 90 days application process from public and private institutions for getting an eminence tag

2 min read12 Sep 2017

Institutions’ autonomy hinges on academic quality: Niti Aayog

Niti Aayog said centrally funded educational institutions that are performing well will get more financial and operational autonomy

1 min read18 Jun 2017

Govt not to allow cash fee payments in universities, colleges

The UGC has been asked to issue an advisory to higher educational institutions that all monetary transactions should be done using digital modes of payment

1 min read7 Jun 2017

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