A view of the spa pool villa.

Fire on the mountain

3 min read . 15 Dec 2017
Hilton said that it is investigating the breach with the help of third-party forensics experts, law enforcement and payment card companies. Photo: Bloomberg<br />

Hilton hotels hit by cyber attack

2 min read . 26 Nov 2015
A bird’s-eye view of how the holy city looks today. Photo: Muhannad Fala’ah/Getty Images<br />

Book Review | Mecca: The Sacred City

3 min read . 28 Nov 2014
‘We would welcome a legislative amendment in the tax/transfer pricing law to clarify that equity injection in a wholly owned subsidiary is not taxable’, says Dr. Yasmine Hilton.<br />

Dr. Yasmine Hilton | If I were FM

1 min read . 09 Jul 2014
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Cook Out | Prawns, the Spanish way

1 min read . 23 Jun 2013