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Culture calendar 2019

6 min read . 04 Jan 2019
A view of the hills from the terraces on a cloudy day.

Offline in Uttarakhand

6 min read . 07 Sep 2018
The Kanchenjunga massif. Photo: Whitemagicadventure.com

A walk in the wilderness

4 min read . 17 Nov 2017
This iconic image shot by British explorer Eric Shipton piqued the curiosity of Daniel Taylor as a child. Photo: Royal Geographical Society

The Yeti hunter of Mussoorie

8 min read . 21 Oct 2017
Towards Annapurna Base Camp from Machapuchare Base Camp, with the south faces of Annapurna looming in front. Photo: White Magic Adventures

Trekking: The heights of joy

7 min read . 21 Oct 2017
Photos: M.S. Kohli

1965 Nanda Devi spy mission, the movie

16 min read . 07 May 2017
Currently, Mount Everest’s height is pegged at 8,848 metres or 29,029 feet above sea level. Photo: iStockphoto
Last year on 4 January, a 6.7 magnitude earthquake hit Manipur. Photo: AP

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits Manipur

1 min read . 24 Feb 2017
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