A file photo of a person using an iPad. The Daily was built to draw on all the iPad’s numerous content processing capabilities. Photo: Robyn Beck/AFP<br />

The rise and rise of digital news

1 min read . 02 Aug 2012
<br />Addicted to apps? If you fail to find wacky apps on the market, a score of websites will help you customize your own. Illustration by Raajan/Mint<br />

Click and create your own apps

2 min read . 11 Jul 2012
<br />Arun Katiyar <br />

25 years of dotcom

4 min read . 28 May 2010
<br />Filing station: Google Docs is now closer to becoming a full-fledged Office suite. Imaging by Harish Rawat / Mint <br />

Google docs gets a new wave

5 min read . 18 May 2010