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Opinion | The weight of the Milky Way is in the whirling

Combining data from 46 globular star clusters, astronomers arrived at a figure for the mass of the Milky Way: about 1.5 trillion times that of the Sun

7 min read14 Mar 2019

Nasa’s Galileo spacecraft points to new evidence of watery plumes over Europa

The revelations on Monday came after scientists revisited a puzzling reading from an instrument aboard Galileo, which in 1995 became the first spacecraft to enter the orbit of a gas giant planet

3 min read15 May 2018

Nasa’s Hubble Space Telescope detects farthest star ever seen

Nasa scientists said they used Hubble Space Telescope to spot the star, which is up to a million times more luminous and about twice as hot as our sun, residing 9.3 billion lights years away from Earth

2 min read3 Apr 2018

Nasa delays $8 billion James Webb Space Telescope until 2020

Nasa’s James Webb Space Telescope is designed to peer even further back into time than the Hubble, probing the earliest dawn of the universe, the formation of stars and phenomena too distant to explore with current technology

2 min read28 Mar 2018

Farthest known galaxy in the universe discovered: Nasa

Nasa scientists have spotted the farthest known galaxy in the universe, a primitive cluster of stars just 500 million years old

1 min read14 Jan 2018

New space telescope to explore nearby stars

The spacecraft, known as the Star-Planet Activity Research CubeSat, or SPARCS, is a new NASA-funded space telescope and will be launched in 2021

2 min read11 Jan 2018

Hubble spots ‘holiday ornament in space’: Nasa

Nasa scientists using the Hubble Space Telescope spot what looks like a colourful holiday ornament in spacea planetary nebula with glowing wisps of outpouring gas

1 min read25 Dec 2017

Nasa delays launch of James Webb Space Telescope to 2019

Nasa’s $8.8 billion James Webb Space Telescope , the most powerful ever built, will be launched between March and June 2019 from French Guiana

2 min read29 Sep 2017

Nasa’s Hubble spots unique binary asteroid with comet-like features

The binary asteroid 300163 (2006 VW139), discovered by Nasa’s Hubble in Sept 2016, has comet-like features including a bright halo of material, called a coma, and a long tail of dust

2 min read21 Sep 2017

Giant exoplanet with glowing water atmosphere discovered

Scientists discover glowing water molecules in the atmosphere of a giant Jupiter-like planet, WASP-121b, located 900 light years from Earth that is hot enough to boil iron

2 min read3 Aug 2017
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