Photo: AP

The 21st century’s big challenges

4 min read . 13 Jan 2020
Francis Galton, Charles Darwin’s lesser known half-cousin, believed that if nature could achieve such remarkable results through natural selection, the same principle could be used to improve humankind. Photo: iStockphoto

Path to self improvement

3 min read . 26 Jul 2017
The rapid global spread of the Industrial Revolution that is leading to anthropogenic climate change through an explosion in growth, exploitation of natural resources, and population, would likely be reversed by increasing use of Artificial Intelligence and demographic transition to below replacement birth rates. Photo: Getty Images

A brief history of time

4 min read . 13 Apr 2017
Neerja Bhanot. Photo: AP<br />

The other kind of patriot

5 min read . 14 Mar 2016
One way to prevent hacking, surprisingly, could be to promote adoption of hacking itself. Photo: Bloomberg<br />

Hacking for humanity around the globe

3 min read . 05 Feb 2015
Participants will use simple kits to test water quality.<br />