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The king emperor of all vegetable ‘halwas’ is the world famous ‘gaajar halwa’. Photo: iStockphoto

A heart for halwa

9 min read . 03 Jan 2017
Bruschetta.<br />

Going the yeast way

1 min read . 04 Jul 2016
A Foie gras dish reinterpreted by chef Gaggan (left); and River King prawns in a red chili marinade. Photos: Reuters<br />

Why Gaggan’s the limit

3 min read . 29 Mar 2016
Kanafeh.<br />

Food, far from home

4 min read . 21 Dec 2015
The Chocolate Pita Pizza<br />

The prized pizza

2 min read . 09 Dec 2015
Choorma with batasha and banana<br />

Yummy treats that are fast vanishing

5 min read . 08 Oct 2015
The delicately flavoured bulb-and-stem vegetable is grown from “crowns”—one-year-old plants—and can take up to three years to fruit, but the wait is certainly worth the while. Photo: Nandita Amin<br />

The earth connection

4 min read . 03 Sep 2015
Among the things that Kiddo now does with eggs is to make an egg wash that she applies to either finger-sized fish or chicken strips before rolling them in breadcrumbs and frying.<br />

Why eggs are our favourite friends

2 min read . 11 Aug 2015
For the “Stem to Peel” food trend task, MasterChef Australia finalist Billie Mckay made a Cauliflower Miso Cream, Pickled Cauliflower Stem in Spec and Oyster Mushrooms. Photo courtesy: tenplay.com.au<br />

MasterChef trends in your city

5 min read . 04 Aug 2015
Raan from the Bohri Kitchen, Mumbai. <br />

Fasting and feasting at home

2 min read . 08 Jul 2015
Imagine my delight when a package landed at my desk and yielded ‘A Taste of Kerala’, a compilation of recipes “from the kitchens of Niraamaya”. <br />

Kerala holiday takeaway

3 min read . 01 Jul 2015
The Stappu team with all the “food artists”<br />

New play group

2 min read . 16 Jun 2015
My daughter defines processed foods as those which have “with preservatives” “which make us fat” “which can be cooked fast” and “which are super tasty”.<br />

Our cupboard laid bare

3 min read . 09 Jun 2015
For each of us, the food we grew up with is the gold standard, the ideal of authenticity, the cornerstone of a particular cuisine. Photo by Simi Jois <br />

Food and memories

1 min read . 13 Jun 2015
How my 11-year-old daughter experimented with Mexican food using rajma and corn. <br />

Rajma, roti, rice

2 min read . 20 May 2015
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