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New fuel efficiency proposal for automakers signals an EV future for India

New proposals under the CAFE III fuel economy standards incentivise manufacturing of battery electric vehiclesStringent emission-reduction provisions under CAFE III may be pushed to 2032, giving the auto industry breathing room to adapt to the ambitious targets

4 min read02:20 PM IST
Auto News

EVs or hybrids? For Nitin Gadkari, the answer lies in ethanol

Gadkari’s proposal to the finance minister makes a case for a ‘favourable incentive framework’ specifically for flex fuel vehicles (FFVs) and flex fuel strong hybrid electric vehicles (FFV-SHEVs), where manufacturers with lesser emissions can effectively earn carbon credits.

6 min read21 May 2024

Why the hybrid boom is funding EVs

Japan’s carmakers have been churning out record profits thanks to the weak yen and strong hybrid sales, creating a war chest for electric-vehicle investments.

3 min read15 May 2024
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Hybrid cars must haul the cess load for longer

Automakers are growing skeptical about the longevity of the current 5% GST rate on EVs, particularly as the market penetration of electric vehicles will start to approach a meaningful ballpark of 5%-10%.

3 min read23 Apr 2024
Auto News

Vehicle sales rise in February, festivals may drive March: FADA

Sales of two-wheelers advanced 15%, while those of three-wheelers jumped 81%, passenger vehicles 11%, tractors 14%, and commercial vehicles 17%, the Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations (FADA) said in a statement.

1 min read6 Mar 2023
Auto News

Hyundai Ioniq 5 becomes a sole power source for a reindeer farm

The car was equipped with Vehicle-to-Load (V2L) technology and acted as the only source of power in a region of the world which exists off the electrical grid. It demonstrated the transition to a smart and clean mobility solution. Moreover the Ioniq 5 also supplied energy to an off-grid cabin for a cosy dinner, only using the V2L function of the SUV.

1 min read25 Dec 2022

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