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Health ministry launches mission to address immunisation problems in urban areas

A total of 118 districts, 17 urban areas and 52 districts of north east states will be targeted under Intensified Mission Indradhanush to address immunisation issues

1 min read2 Aug 2017

The top delivery challenge in India

Vaccine delivery needs more than just syringes and needles. Vaccines need to be kept in a cold chain from the moment they are manufactured until they are administered

2 min read17 Dec 2015

Injectable polio vaccine to be introduced by end 2015

Vaccine to be linked with the global endgame strategy for polio which aims to eradicate the disease by 2018

1 min read11 Jul 2014

Govt adds 4 vaccines to immunisation programme

government will be providing free vaccines against 13 life threatening diseases to 27 million children annually

1 min read3 Jul 2014

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