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Cisco to cut 5% of workforce affecting over 4,000 jobs, adjusts revenue lower

Cisco Systems plans to cut 5% of its workforce or over 4,000 jobs, due to weak demand and a tough economy. The company also lowered its annual revenue target.

2 min read15 Feb 2024

IIT compensation packages hold steady amid market slowdown, but anxiety rising for second round of recruitment

The median cost to company (CTC) is registered at ₹20 lakh pa, a bit lower than FY23’s ₹22 lakh pa offers, but higher than ₹19 lakh pa offered for FY22.

1 min read12 Dec 2023

Unacademy to cut 12% jobs in fresh round of layoffs: Report

Earlier in November 2022, the company had fired 10 percent of its workforce or about 350 employees in third such round of layoffs within a year

1 min read30 Mar 2023

Microsoft wants to cut up to 120 jobs in Germany

According to a report, Microsoft wants to cut up to 120 jobs in Germany

1 min read23 Feb 2023

86% women unwilling to migrate for jobs offering ₹12,000-15,000 per month: Report

Although more than 30% of women have had some level of vocational training, a majority of the women somewhat about 85% of them received training in gendered areas of work such as sewing/ tailoring (62%), beating/make-up services (16%), and Mehendi application (7%).

4 min read23 Feb 2023

IT layoffs: These are the most ’riskiest, ’safest’ jobs in tech industry

In India, tech and startup companies laid off employees citing overhiring, funding challenges, and cost pressures

1 min read11 Feb 2023

What about the 2 crore jobs a year…: Kapil Sibal dig at RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat’s remarks

RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat asked people to stop running after jobs and said no work can be labelled as big or small as it is done for the society

2 min read6 Feb 2023

Here’s why 80% of Indian professionals plan to shift jobs this year

Four in five professionals in India are considering a job change in 2023. Let’s check out the reasons why.

1 min read18 Jan 2023

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