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India’s monsoon rains 35% below average this week: IMD

Little rainfall was seen over the central, western and northern parts of the countryMadhya Pradesh, country’s biggest soybean growing state, received 67% less rainfall than average in the week

1 min read24 Jul 2019

Study connects extreme rainfall events globally, may aid prediction

The extreme rainfall events in India have teleconnections with those in Europe and Africa and East AsiaThe study paves the way in providing some lead time for successful prediction

2 min read4 Feb 2019

Scientists develop new model to determine monsoon variations across India

The method developed by IIT Kharagpur, IITM, Pune and INCOIS, Hyderabad can be applied to improve the existing weather forecasting models of Indian monsoon

2 min read16 May 2018

Indian monsoon hurls almost 37,000 lightning bolts in single day

India’s monsoon begins with an extraordinary outburst of lightening Wednesday, as almost 37,000 bolts flashed across the sky or slammed into the ground in just 13 hours

1 min read27 Apr 2018

New tool to improve Indian monsoon forecast

Researchers from Florida State University in the US develop method that uses rainfall rates to mark the span of the Indian summer monsoon at any given location

2 min read25 Oct 2017

India may face weak monsoon under El Nino effect: Nomura

Australian Bureau of Meteorology places the probability of El Nino forming in 2017 at 50% as the six out of eight models surveyed by ABM suggest El Nino thresholds may be reached by July 2017

1 min read5 Mar 2017

Monsoon rains seen above normal in 2016: IMD

Monsoon rainfall will be 106% of the long period average which is above normal and there is a 94% probability that monsoon will be normal to excess, says IMD

1 min read12 Apr 2016
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Truant rains could nix nascent recovery

Truant rains could nix nascent recovery

5 min read23 Jun 2009

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