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Numbers and ancient symphonies

A pianist who regards mathematics as an art form is one of only a handful of Indians who understand its arcane depths

6 min read6 Feb 2014

The mosquito’s bite and other stories

An engineer probing the hidden life of liquids learns how mimicking an insect’s blood lust can change our approach to disease diagnostics

5 min read24 Jan 2014

The neutrino hunter

Probing the violent, nuclear furnaces of dying stars, a Mumbai scientist latches onto the trail of the particle that created us

5 min read10 Jan 2014

Assassin of warped chromosomes

A small-town boy finds that stopping some cancers from healing their DNA is a good approach to killing them

4 min read10 Jan 2014

Vijay Shenoy’s rashbon prophecy

Using mathematical equations as notes, a flautist teases out a new note from a subatomic symphony

7 min read10 Jan 2014

Bikramjit Basu: The bone creator

Using electricity as his language, an engineer persuades living cells to grow on artificial surfaces, a precursor to a new era in medicine

6 min read10 Jan 2014

Those incredible DNA machines

By refashioning the blueprint of life, a Bangalore scientist has placed India at a rapidly developing frontier

5 min read10 Jan 2014

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