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The frustration of large segments of the population has created fertile ground for tribalism, which politicians like Trump and Bolsonaro have eagerly exploited. Photo:
Sprinting towards digital transformation

Sprinting towards digital transformation

3 min read . 30 May 2018
Reliance Industries, in a corporate filing explaining the Reliance Jio value proposition, compared 3G to a dripping faucet and 4G to a shower. Photo: Indranil Bhoumik/Mint

Policy challenges of new technology

4 min read . 23 Apr 2018
Given the exponential growth of computing power and the far from exponential rise in job complexity, it seems inevitable that we will, at this rate, sooner than later, run out of jobs. Photo: Bloomberg

The robots are taking our jobs

4 min read . 15 Aug 2017
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