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Mint wins two SOPA awards

1 min read . 09 Jun 2010
<br />Chemical fallout: (clockwise from above left) Ram Kailash Saroj, a worker at Hema Chemical who lost a toe owing to an ulcer after being affected by toxic fumes, with Radheyshyam Soimi Kahar, who has b<br />

Damage done, but damages stay unpaid

7 min read . 08 Oct 2009
<br />The clock is ticking: With silicosis eating away at his lungs, Mukesh Chaganbhai’s frame is wracked by coughing fits, breathlessness and fever. His main worry is about his children’s welfare. Ramesh P<br />

Silicosis, the curse of Khambhat

7 min read . 07 Oct 2009
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