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New insurance surrender value rules to come into effect on April 1. Details here

The surrender values for life insurance policies will see a decline when policies are surrendered within the first three year, as per the newly released guideline.

1 min read27 Mar 2024

International Women's Day 2024: Often pushed myself out of my comfort zone, says Shanai Ghosh of Zuno Insurance

If you truly have an inclusive environment, diversity needn’t be the goal but it will come through on its own.

7 min read7 Mar 2024

Insurance companies to provide comprehensive policy feature details from January 1: Report

IRDAI has updated the current customer information sheet to present essential information about the purchased policy in a more easily comprehensible manner.

1 min read31 Oct 2023

The cost of medical inflation: How much health cover should you buy?

It is better to have a comprehensive health cover with super top-ups to meet rising hospitalization expenses.

7 min read27 Jun 2023

What should you do if insurers refuse to resolve your claim?

You should avoid dealing with the insurer representative who is asking for reinvestment, as they are likely an insurance agent or sales manager.

2 min read4 May 2023

Insurance stocks today: GIC share jumps 9%, LIC shares rise 3%; why are insurance stocks rising? Should you bet on them?

Some of the insurance companies have posted decent March quarter earnings which appears to have a positive rub-off on other sectoral peersS

3 min read4 May 2023

Can any claims for minor vehicle repairs offset hike in premium?

If there are substantial damages, you should file a claim. But if these are minor, you should weigh the cost of repair against the increase in renewal premium of your car insurance.

1 min read19 Apr 2023

What you need to know before opting for home insurance

You should be aware of any limitations or exclusions to the coverage and any applicable deductibles

1 min read20 Apr 2023

2023 Insurtech Industry Outlook: What does the upcoming year hold?

With the increasing adoption of technology across all sectors, insurance companies are leaving no stone unturned to join the bandwagon.

3 min read31 Dec 2022

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