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Maximize retirement savings with NPS flexibility, says Bhagat of DSP Pension Fund Managers

NPS users can customize their asset allocation and investment strategies according to their risk tolerance and investment goals.

3 min read22 May 2024

Around 49% of new demat accounts in FY24 opened by investors below 25, says Paarth Dhar of Angel One

Angel One launched an engaging and fun educational platform for youngsters – Fin One – catering to young investors. It aims to deliver infotainment content that engages, entertains, and empowers, cutting across geographical & socioeconomic barriers

3 min read17 May 2024

A home loan top-up can help borrowers get extra funds, says Kathuria of Easiloan

Repaying top-up home loans promptly is important, and it’s wise to be cautious about overleveraging. Consider opting for these loans only when you need extra funds for essential purposes like renovations; otherwise, it’s best to avoid them.

8 min read13 May 2024

Our aspiration is to get into double-digit revenue growth: Marico

In an interview, Saugata Gupta, MD & CEO, Marico Ltd, says that for companies in mass categories, direct distribution will be a source of long-term competitive advantage.

4 min read13 May 2024

‘Market expecting positive end to the elections’

As soon as the elections are over the market will quickly focus on the budget, due in July, with possible increase in capital gains tax as a major concern, feels Andrew Holland, CEO, Avendus Capital Public Markets Alternate Strategies LLP.

4 min read13 May 2024

Quant funds offer refreshing alternative to discretionary investing, says Rajiv Shastri of NJ Mutual Fund

Quant and factor-based funds cut through the noise by replacing gut feelings and personal biases with disciplined rules and data-backed strategies.

2 min read11 May 2024

IT growth in near term to be modest, says Sneha Poddar of Motilal Oswal

Sneha Poddar believes that our economy is undergoing a mini-Goldilocks moment as a result of strong macroeconomic conditions, healthy corporate earnings, peaking of interest rates and current policy momentum.

3 min read6 May 2024

Index funds offer underlying opportunity, says Anand Vardarajan of Tata Asset Management

A multi-cap index will then provide an opportunity for the investor to hold a more diversified index and also get a chance to own under-represented sectors or sub-segments that are not typically a part of the large-cap sector

4 min read22 Apr 2024

Tech, healthcare, auto, renewable, infra to do well this year, says Nishant Srivastava of Torus Wealth

Nishant Srivastava shares investing advice with young investors, explains the reasons for engaging a wealth consultant, future expectations from benchmark indices, and industry sectors that are likely to perform well

3 min read15 Apr 2024

Credit cards serve as valuable tools in effectively managing money, says Rakshit Agarwal of Rupicard

Secured credit cards cater to the needs of young Indian borrowers by offering low entry barriers, flexible credit limits, and competitive interest rates to help build a positive credit history responsibly and establish a secure financial future.

6 min read3 Apr 2024
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