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6 essential tips must be considered to effectively manage your savings account

Effectively managing your savings account can enhance your financial well-being by turning it into a powerful tool. By using strategies like analyzing interest rates and minimizing fees, you can maximize your savings account’s potential for achieving financial security.

3 min read10 Jun 2024
Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds: Should you invest in NFO? Here is a framework that will help you decide

NFOs have risks due to lack of track record, no meaningful differentiation, and timing issues. It’s best to wait and observe fund performance before investing.

6 min read9 Jun 2024

Demat vs Trading Account: What is the difference and how do they work?

Demat accounts convert physical assets to electronic format for storage, while trading accounts are used for buying and selling securities. Both accounts are interdependent, with unique numbers and online operation. It is recommended to have both accounts with the same DP for efficient trading.

3 min read2 Jun 2024

Unlock Gold’s Potential: 5 keys strategies for investing in bullion

Investing in gold bullion provides security against inflation and economic downturns. It offers liquidity and emotional value, making it a versatile addition to investment portfolios. Diversification, staying informed, and proper storage are crucial for successful gold investments.

3 min read29 May 2024

Want to double your money in 72 months? Key risks you should be aware of

Some NBFCs offer non-convertible debentures promising a high rate of return. Read further to know if it is advisable to get tempted by investment options assuring to double your money in 72 months

1 min read22 May 2024

10 essential tips every retail investor should know for financial success

Patience is crucial for investors during uncertain times, offering long-term returns. Retail investors should prioritize transparency, network building, and understanding market risk to maximize investment potential.

4 min read2 May 2024

Demat Account Precautions: 10 crucial things you should keep in mind as a beginner

Demat Account Precautions: When opening a demat account, consider factors like broker reputation, account opening charges, and AMC. Choose brokers with intuitive trading platforms and research tools. Evaluate brokerage fees, customer support, account features, and security measures.

5 min read20 May 2024

4 fixed income sources every Gen Z needs for stability

Gen Z faces financial uncertainty due to global crises, student debt, and rising costs. A fixed income helps in budgeting, credit building, and planning for the future, empowering them to pursue long-term goals.

4 min read26 Apr 2024

6 proven strategies for navigating market volatility

Volatility in Indian stock markets presents opportunities for traders and investors. Stay informed, diversify, focus on quality companies, hedge investments, keep cash reserves, and use market volatility to your advantage.

4 min read26 Apr 2024

5 ways Gen-Z investors can turbocharge their wealth planning

Gen Z is revolutionising investing with a focus on financial independence and innovation. Setting clear financial goals and seeking professional advice can help navigate the investment journey with confidence.

3 min read26 Apr 2024
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