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9 key steps to master goal-based investing

Goal-based investing involves strategic planning, disciplined saving, and strategic investing for achieving financial milestones like buying a home or retiring comfortably.

3 min read25 Apr 2024

Wealth creation: 25 key money lessons you should follow to make it big in FY 2025

The long-term goals could be to buy a house, children’s education, or save for retirement. These goals are non-negotiable. Do not compromise on these goals regardless of the temptation to spend or invest for a short-term goal.

8 min read22 Apr 2024
Mutual Funds

Best mutual funds: These ELSS schemes gave over 20 per cent annualised returns in past 3 years. Should you invest?

Equity Linked Savings Scheme, or ELSS, are tax-saving mutual funds which offer tax saving option under Section 80C while giving exposure to equity at the same time

2 min read21 Apr 2024

Bull run effect? 185 new mutual fund offers raised a whopping ₹66,000 crore in fiscal 2024

A total of 185 new funds (both open and close-ended) were launched, also known as NFOs (new fund offers) in fiscal 2024 raising a total of whopping ₹66,364 crore, shows the AMFI data

2 min read19 Apr 2024
Mutual Funds

Magic of compounding: ₹1 lakh investment in these two mutual funds at launch would have grown to ₹20 lakh

If you had invested ₹1 lakh in SBI Magnum Midcap Fund or Quant Mid Cap Fund at the time of launch, the investment would have swelled over 20 times by now.

2 min read19 Apr 2024

From dreaming to doing: How smart investing turns aspirations into achievements

Saving is crucial, but investing smart is key to wealth creation. Google search data shows a rise in interest in managing finances during uncertain times. Investing in assets like stocks can outpace inflation and yield higher returns than savings accounts.

3 min read17 Apr 2024
Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds: How to choose the right debt funds? Here are 7 key factors to consider

Mutual funds are a preferred choice for new-age investors, but many find it challenging. Choosing the right debt fund can be complex as they invest in limited assets. To optimize gains, investors should consider factors like investment horizon, risk tolerance, and market dynamics.

3 min read17 Apr 2024

How to find the right asset allocation? MintGenie explains

Your asset allocation doesn’t have to be rigid. As you age and transition through various life phases, your needs and objectives may evolve. Selecting the appropriate asset allocation model is a pivotal aspect of crafting a prosperous investment strategy.

3 min read15 Apr 2024
Mutual Funds

Best mutual funds: These 6 focussed schemes gave over 17 percent annualised returns in past 5 years

Focused mutual funds are schemes focused on the number of stocks (maximum 30) with at least 65 per cent of their assets invested in equity and equity-related instruments, as per the Sebi’s categorisation of mutual funds

1 min read14 Apr 2024

Mutual funds: SIP contributions jumped 28% to nearly ₹2 lakh crore in FY24, shows AMFI data

Inflows to mutual funds via systematic investment plans spiked in the fiscal year 2023-24, rising from ₹13,700 crore in April 2023 to ₹19,271 crore in March 2024, signifying a rise of 40 per cent.

1 min read11 Apr 2024
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