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Italy PM Giorgia Meloni applauds PM Modi calls him the ‘most loved leader’ of world

During her first official visit to India, Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni showed full support to India's G20 Presidency and called PM Modi as the ‘most loved leader’ in the world. She also praised India's stance on Russia-Ukraine crisis

2 min read3 Mar 2023

Italy's controversial leader, Silivio Berlusconi is back, wins Senate seat

Silivio Berlusconi, who has made personal comebacks a hallmark of Italian politics for three decades, was re-elected to Italy’s upper house with more than 50% of the votes Sunday in the northern city of Monza, where he also owns a soccer team that was recently promoted to Italy’s top division.

3 min read27 Sep 2022

Six years a slave: Indian farm workers exploited in Italy

The UN's special rapporteur on contemporary forms of slavery estimated in 2018 that more than 400,000 agricultural workers in Italy risk being exploited and almost 100,000 likely face inhumane conditions

4 min read11 Jul 2021

Face masks will no longer be mandatory outdoors from next week in Italy

The lifting of the mask requirement would come into effect in regions labelled 'white' under Italy's classification system

1 min read22 Jun 2021

Two-thirds of Italians set for lockdown as pandemic worsens

The new decree would go into effect starting Monday and could send many regions, including those surrounding Milan and Rome, into full lockdownThe new measures could mean that as many as 14 of Italy’s 20 regions will be under the strictest level of controls

2 min read12 Mar 2021

Italy coronavirus deaths surge by 853, highest toll since March 28

Italy was the first Western country to be hit by the virus and has seen 51,306 COVID-19 fatalities since its outbreak emergedThe northern region of Lombardy, centred on Italy's financial capital Milan, remained the hardest hit area on Tuesday, reporting 4,886 new cases

1 min read24 Nov 2020

'Italy to prioritise climate, carbon neutrality during G20 presidency in 2021'

Conte also said that Italy would promote the deployment of clean and efficient technologies during its presidency

1 min read22 Nov 2020

Italy caught off guard by new surge in less severe virus cases

Patients categorized as suffering from less severe Covid-19 cases now occupy half of Italian hospital bedsItaly currently has 3,422 patients in ICUs, still below the early April peak of more than 4,000

1 min read16 Nov 2020

Italy backs relief package in lockdown aid for business

Italy is expected to spend additional 2.5 billion euros with the additional spending programThe country’s budget assumes that gross domestic product could shrink by 10.5% this year in a worst-case scenario

1 min read7 Nov 2020

Italy imposes national curfew, locked down 'red zones'

Italy's 60 million residents will be required to stay home from 10:00 pm until 5:00 am except for work or health reasonsItaly was the first European country hit by coronavirus and has so far reported almost 760,000 cases, and more than 39,400 deaths

2 min read4 Nov 2020
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