Jayanthi natarajan

Perhaps a sense of this mini-crisis—not the Congress’s woes, but the increasing lopsidedness of political power in India—explains why so many voters around the country are so keenly interested in this weekend’s elections in New Delhi. Photo: HT <br />

Indian voters make room for upstarts

5 min read . 06 Feb 2015
Former Union minister Jayanthi Natarajan in Chennai on Friday. Photo: PTI<br /><br />

Loyalist rebellion

1 min read . 31 Jan 2015
Illustration by Shyamal Banerjee/Mint<br />

The fight to save the Western Ghats

3 min read . 05 Jan 2014
Jayanthi Natarajan resigned as Union environment minister on Saturday. Photo: Mint<br />

A tough environment

1 min read . 23 Dec 2013
Illustration by Jayachandran/Mint<br /> (Illustration by Jayachandran/Mint)

The poor need GM crops

4 min read . 24 Sep 2013
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