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A young boy jumps outside the community-run museum in Henasku. (Priyanka Parashar/Mint)

How Kargil won itself back

17 min read . 26 Jul 2019
There needs to be both institutional willingness and political pressure on the armed forces. Photo: AP

Forces of history

4 min read . 03 Mar 2017
A road less travelled: A lone cyclist on the highway. Photographs: Pradeep Gaur/Mint<br />

Photo essay: Zen and Adrenalin

4 min read . 12 Aug 2016
(Clockwise, standing from left) Diksha, Arif, Bhavya, Bhim, Palwinder, Vishal, Nanjundayya and Neha—children of army personnel who lost their life in the Kargil war. Photographs: Pradeep Gaur/Mint<br />

Kargil’s children

12 min read . 12 Aug 2016
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