Legislators need to make an effort to understand the context of the industry they are regulating, the specific risks they need to mitigate and the manner in which the regulations they enact will be enforced. Photo: iStock

Path dependence

4 min read . 14 Jun 2017
The money will mainly be used to build scale for the company’s latest offering, Xploree, in high-growth markets, its chief executive officer said. Photo: Mint<br />

KeyPoint plans to raise £10 million

3 min read . 22 May 2015
<br />Clunky: Most keyboards are noisy and have a heavy touch.<br />

Keying it right

3 min read . 14 Dec 2010
Different tools, different abilities

Different tools, different abilities

3 min read . 24 Aug 2010
<br /><br />

Escape key boredom

5 min read . 07 Dec 2008
<br />Optimus Upravlator: It features a 10.8-inch colour LCD with 12 see-through buttons on its surface.<br />

Touch-type your imagination

6 min read . 28 Nov 2008