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Shilpa Gupta in her studio. Photo: Aniruddha Chowdhury/Mint

The art of not forgetting

8 min read . 11 Aug 2017
Memorial displays 149 photos of self-immolators. <br />

Tibet is burning

2 min read . 19 Dec 2015
Akoi-Jackson has used borrowed and bought fabrics for the show.<br />

From Africa, with love

2 min read . 27 Aug 2015
Corpus Grandiferum by Jaden Hastings (left); and a still from the video by Paribartana Mohanty.<br />

Where science meets art

2 min read . 09 Apr 2015
A photograph that envisions Vienna as a self-sufficient space station by CAAS will be on display at Khoj studio. Photo: Copyright: Damjan Minovski for Liquifer Systems Group, 2013<br /> (Damjan Minovski for Liquifer Systems Group, 2013)

Welcome to ‘Khoj’, the spaceship

1 min read . 26 Feb 2015
The representation of women in Hindi cinema has always been a topic of debate. <br />

The feared woman

1 min read . 28 Nov 2014
Jaaga in Bangalore is an art residency that brings together community activists and creative artists in design and technology. <br />

Art | Room with a view

11 min read . 14 Jul 2014
Tens of thousands joined the Syedna’s funeral procession in Mumbai. Photo: Rajanish Kakade/AP<br />

A leader for every generation

4 min read . 25 Jan 2014
A still from Anjali Monteiro and K.P Jayasankar’s Saacha (The Loom) 2001. Photo: Courtesy Tata Institute of Social Sciences <br />
A still from Rania Stephan’s film ‘The Three Disappearances of Soad Hosni’<br />

A splice of reel life

2 min read . 08 Aug 2013
At the exhibition, In Context:public.art.ecology: Food Edition II, visitors will be encouraged to touch and work at the installations<br />

On the menu

2 min read . 15 Apr 2013
Rudi Punzo who is a part of ‘Auditions: Sound Residency 2013’ at work<br />

Sounding out

2 min read . 04 Feb 2013
<br />Past forward: Viewing the Khoj layer on a smartphone.<br />

Art, with augmentation

4 min read . 30 Mar 2012
<br />Clincher: The Shillong Chamber Choir’s final act of Yeh Dosti from Sholay<br />

Misty mountain chorus

6 min read . 07 Oct 2010
Discount coupons gaining momentum

Discount coupons gaining momentum

2 min read . 02 May 2010
<br />Slow motion: A still from the video work ‘The Water Diviner’ by Sheba Chhachhi. Courtesy Sheba Chhachhi, based on underwater photographs by Umeed Mistry<br />

Aesthetics for mall rats

4 min read . 02 Apr 2010
<br />Optimistic: After losing his job at Lehman, Shobhit Gupta teamed up with a friend to launch Twish--an education venture.<br />

Life after Lehman

11 min read . 14 Sep 2009
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