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A file photo of Jang Song-thaek. Jang had been seen as a kind of regent to Kim Jong-un, the young successor to the Kim dynasty, and was thought to be number two in the regime. Photo: <br />

Yuriko Koike | The Pyongyang purge

4 min read . 26 Dec 2013
A file photo of Kim Jong-un. Photo: AFP<br />

Turmoil in the Korean peninsula

1 min read . 10 Apr 2013
A file of North Korea’s new leader Kim Jong-Un. Photo: AFP<br /> (AFP)

The known unknowns of Kim Jong-Un

4 min read . 05 Apr 2013
<br />Jayachandran/Mint<br />

The ghost of North Korea

3 min read . 26 Apr 2012
<br />South Koreans watch a TV broadcasting the funeral for the late North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-il which is held in Pyongyang, at a railway station in Seoul. North Korea’s military staged a huge funeral <br />
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