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How North Korea Is Funding Their Nuclear Programmes Through CRYPTO THEFT | UN Panel Report

Ever since North Korea’s first nuclear test in 2006, the United Nations has been slapping multiple sanctions on them for their nuclear and ballistic programmes. But since about 2018, Pyongyang seems to have found a new way to evade the repercussions of these sanctions and continue to deal with nukes - crypto theft through cyberattacks. Watch to know more

26 Apr 2024

North Korea’s Kim Jong Un calls for more ’military muscle’ after watching hypersonic missile

The second test of a ’hypersonic missile’ in less than a week underscored Kim’s New Year’s vow to bolster the military with cutting-edge technology at a time when talks with South Korea and the United States have stalled.

3 min read12 Jan 2022

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un opens congress by admitting policy failures

Kim said that ‘almost all sectors fell a long way short of the set objectives’ under a previous five-year development plan established at the 2016 congress

5 min read6 Jan 2021

Storms, covid raise fear of worst North Korea famine since 1990s

Kim Jong Un said the country is under ’an intensive struggle’ to recover from the floods and typhoonsWhile extreme weather events have disrupted farming around the world, North Korea is especially vulnerable

3 min read16 Oct 2020

’I have failed’: North Korea’s Kim Jong Un shows tearful side

Speaking at a military parade on Saturday, Kim became emotional as he paid tribute to troops for their response to national disasters and preventing a coronavirus outbreak and apologised to citizens for failing to raise living standards

3 min read13 Oct 2020

Sorry doesn’t seem to be the hardest word for North Korea’s Kim Jong Un

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has offered a glimpse of a different image: emotional and apologeticAt a weekend military parade, Kim’s voice trembled momentarily as he spoke of ’tears of gratitude’ for his people’s efforts

3 min read13 Oct 2020

N.Korea’s Kim attends military parade, thanks troops for stopping coronavirus

North Korea has not reported any domestic infections, an assertion that South Korea and the United States have questionedWhile attendees at other holiday events were shown wearing masks, no one at the parade appeared to be wearing any masks

3 min read10 Oct 2020

North Korea celebrates party anniversary amid economic woes

It wasn’t immediately clear, however, whether any events were proceeding or had already taken place

3 min read10 Oct 2020

North Korea may show new missiles at weekend military parade

North Korea typically celebrates major state anniversaries with big military parades during years that end in zero and fiveThe new weapons systems that North Korea could unveil this weekend could be a new solid-fueled intercontinental ballistic missile, a missile with multiple warheads

4 min read8 Oct 2020

North Korea’s Kim Jong Un wishes Trump recovery from coronavirus

Kim and Trump once exchanged threats of destruction and crude insults after North Korea in 2017 carried out a series of high-profile weapons testsKim Jong Un sent a message of sympathy to Donald Trump and his wife Melania, wishing they would recover from the covid-19 illness

2 min read3 Oct 2020
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