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Plato and Aristotle in a detail from the painting ‘The School Of Athens’ by the Italian Renaissance artist Raphael. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Why intuition is greater than debate

6 min read . 17 Mar 2018
Are the lessons from data use and community involvement from India’s amazing polio programme being systematically absorbed by others in the health sector —probably not. Photo: AFP

Knowledge is power

4 min read . 28 Feb 2018
The more we use the Internet, the greater is our reliance on it.

Put your knowledge to the test

3 min read . 20 Feb 2018
A digital CIO needs to have flexibility to work with new business models, be open to try new ideas and be able to take on feedback. Photo: iStock

What skills does a digital CIO need?

3 min read . 08 Oct 2016
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