With two USB ports, you have the luxury of leaving one movie-laden pen drive plugged in.

Review: Kodak 40 FHDXSMART TV

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Lebegue is from a family that has had its links with photography and Kodak for several decades. Illustration: Jayachandran/Mint<br />

Loïs Lebegue: Man of the Moment

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Zara, a brand worth $7 billion, has rarely used communication: it flourishes by merely and unfailingly living up to its promise to deliver fresh fashion every two weeks. Photo: Mint<br />

Why Mahatma Gandhi can’t be a brand

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Is Apple a technology company or a luxury watchmaker? Photo: AFP<br />

What’s an industry?

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Investors have preferred Google’s constructive paranoia to Apple’s excessive caution. The interesting question is to see which strategy gets vindicated in the long run. Photo: Bloomberg <br />

Will Google be worth more than Apple?

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